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'Heartbreaking', 'cruelty' and 'sickness'.

Facebook users reacts against pictures of the horse Akeem Foldager with anger. Images shows the horse with blue tongue and wounds from the spurs taken on April 12th at an event hosted by the Danish elite dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand.

This Saturday the pictures, published on the site, are shared 3.897 times on Facebook. People use the commentary box to angrily accuse Akeem Foldagers dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand and his sponsors of animal neglect.

- Some people are just way too rough with their horses, says a comment from Annabelle Niamh Cowen.

Another Facebook user Debra Marasco asks:

- Horse should be rescued, and the human prosecuted. What is wrong with the authorities?

BT requested Andreas Helgstrand to comment on the images of Akeem Foldager and the critique, but the Olympic dressage rider has rejected the request.

The pictures of Akeem Foldager are seen below.

Akeem Foldager1:

The pictures were taken by an anonymous person in the audience at a private event hosted by Andreas Helgstrand. Afterwards the person sent the pictures to the horsesite

 Akeem Foldager2:

Angry Facebook users believe the marks on the belly are caused by spurs.


Akeem Foldager3:

 The blue tongue is caused by overly use of a bit collar, used in equestrian activities and dressage riding.